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2016 November
Aufstockung Büroflächen

Da es so langsam an die Kapazitätsgrenzen der zur Verfügung stehenden Büroflächen geht, wird die Planung für eine Aufstockung zusätzlicher Büroflächen auf das Bestandsgebäude in Angriff genommen. Nach erteilter Baugenehmigung wird das Projekt dann seit November 2016 in Angriff genommen. Fertigstellung ist für September 2017 geplant. Dann werden hier, am Standort Ostfildern weitere Büroflächen zur Verfügung stehen.

2014 June
20 year anniversary

O.T.S. is celebrating his 20 years anniversary

2012 May
O.T.S. Astracon puts a X-Ray screening machine into operation

O.T.S. Astracon starts with its own X-Ray screening machine in their building in Ostfildern. Our company is now ready to deliver secured goods directly to the airline.

2011 August
New branch in Frankfurt

On 1st of August 2011, Mr. Peter Dierbach and Mr. Michael Thiel start working in our new business rooms located at the biggest airport in Europe.

2011 March
AEO certification ASTRACON Bremen

Astracon international air + sea forwarder GmbH in Bremen has also been certified by German customs as AEO (authorized economic operator).

certificate number: AEOF 102394

2011 February
Change of company name to O.T.S. ASTRACON

Since 1997 the Astracon-group maintains several offices under the name of O.T.S. Astracon L.L.C. in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA.

After opening of further branch offices in New York and Los Angeles we have decided to indicate the corporate identity by using the same name.

From now on the German offices of Astracon will be named as O.T.S. Astracon.


2010 July
Retirement of Richard Schubert

Mr. Richard Schubert, joint founder, Shareholder and Managing director of Astracon Bremen, is going into retirement to the 31th of July.

2010 March
Astracon has received the AEO certificate

As an AEO is considered to be particularly reliable and trustworthy, it is granted, for example, easier processing through customs, higher-priority examination of consignments which need to be checked or prior notice of impending checks.

The AEO status has many advantages for the affected business player because it documents that the certificate recipient fulfills stringent security criteria and conducts the corresponding controls.

Certificate Registration Number: AEO F 100900
Valid since: 17.03.2010
Issued by: Hauptzollamt Stuttgart

2010 January
Retirement of Christoph Kruppa

Mr. Christoph Kruppa, joint founder, Shareholder and Managing Director, is going into retirement, but continues to act in an advisory position.

Mr. Sven Nahler is entering the company Astracon air+sea transport concept GmbH and replaces Mr. Kruppa

2008 January
Regulated agents certificate

Acceptance and authorization as Regulated Agent.

Astracon was one of the first airfreight forwarding companies in germany, which was authorized by the German Federal Office of Civil Aviation (Luftfahrtbundesamt), as Regulated Agent !

Admission for registration was the result of a thorough and sophisticated audit in January 2008 at Astracon's head office in Ostfildern, near Stuttgart, by officers of the Luftfahrtbundesamt.

Admission is valid until January 28th. 2012.

2006 November
Additional warehouse

The Astracon-Cargo-Terminal in Ostfildern becomes too small - originally planned as a handling warehouse for airfreight and storage - the capacity could not fulfil the requirements of the increasing business anymore.

A good opportunity was the possibility to purchase a warehouse, located directly next to us.

So additional storage capacities are available and guarantee a fast turnover of our airfreight independent of t he weather conditions.

2004 July
Celebration of our 10th anniversary

Astracon has established itself on the market with a good reputation among customers and competitors.


2004 April
Move to our new Astracon company building

We have created a location which leaves us enough space for growth, guarantees independence and gives our employees further motivation.

2003 December
Astracon Bremen moves to new location

Astracon Bremen has meanwhile grown to 11 employees and our office in the Windhukstrasse 20/26 has become too small.

We move to our new office: Am Speicher XI, Nr. 3 to enable further growth of the staff.

2003 July
Construction of the new facility begins

Elly-Beinhorn-Strasse 6
Industriegebiet Wittumsäcker
73760 Ostfildern

2002 December
Decision for building new business rooms

Due to increased business and cargo, the neccessity for a larger office and warehouse is needed in the Stuttgart area.

2001 January
O.T.S. Astracon L.L.C established second branch office in Atlanta, Ga. USA

This step opens a potential ocean and airfreight market.

2001 January
Astracon Bremen established

The ocean freight business develops very positively and makes expansion necessary. We aimed for a professional solution and found this with Sven Nahler and Richard Schubert, both managing directors in Bremen.

Today Astracon Bremen contributes almost 50 % of the sales volume of the whole Astracon-group and has 15 employees which handle worldwide ocean freight business from Bremen.

2000 October
First full charter contract

First 'full charter contract' since foundation of Astracon in 1994 due to minimized capacities on the Atlantic traffic. In order to serve our customers in our usual flexible manner Astracon chartered a Boeing 747 cargo freighter.

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1999 September
Setup of our Import department

Astracon sets up an import department and hires Ms. Esther Waldner as import manager.

The import department has already grown to 3 employees.

1999 April
Company moves to Neuhausen/Fildern

Astracon outgrows the Riederich office and moves to a much larger office in Neuhausen.

1997 May
O.T.S. Astracon L.L.C established

Along with the Italian forwarder O.T.S. Spa the company O.T.S. Astracon L.L.C. in Charlotte, NC USA is founded.

Majority shareholder and president is Mrs. Cindy Henderson.

The company started with 3 employees - today Charlotte has 31 employees .

1997 February
Astracon becomes a certified forwarder

Astracon becomes a certified forwarder (DIN EN ISO 9001).

1996 August
Astracon becomes a training center

Astracon begins their first trainee ship with Ms. Sandra Dießner. Ms. Dießner is still working for our company.

Presently Astracon has educated 11 trainees which have all been employed after successfully finishing their trainee-ship.

1994 October
Our first employee is hired

The first employee, Patrick Häbe is hired.

Today Patrick Häbe is sales manager at the Astracon airfreight office in Ostfildern.

1994 July
Establishment of Astracon air + sea transport GmbH

Riederich, near Reutlingen by Christoph Kruppa, Michael Steingens and Frank Wannenmacher , all managing directors and still active in the business today.