Airfreight Surcharge June 2022

27. June 2022

Lufthansa Cargo increases Airfreight Surcharge to 1,40 EUR/kg

The sum of cost components included in our Airfreight Surcharge has increased in the past weeks.

Consequently, Lufthansa Cargo is increasing its Airfreight Surcharge, effective 27th June 2022, from 1,30 EUR/kg to 1,40 EUR/kg chargeable freight weight ex Germany.

Airfreight Surcharge June 2022

13. June 2022

Lufthansa Cargo lowers Airfreight Surcharge to 1,30 EUR/kg

The sum of cost components included in our Airfreight Surcharge has decreased in the past weeks.

Consequently, Lufthansa Cargo is reducing its Airfreight Surcharge, effective 13. June 2022, from 1,35 EUR/kg to 1,30 EUR/kg chargeable freight weight ex Germany.

Carbon Neutral Company

02. May 2022

O.T.S. Astracon Germany with locations in Bremen, Frankfurt and Ostfildern has been certified as a climate-neutral company since 31.03.2022

Taking responsibility

As a logistics service provider, we too would like to face up to our responsibility towards our environment and future generations. We have embarked on a continuous improvement process in which our working methods are to be regularly reviewed and adapted from the point of view of sustainability. What is good today can be made even better tomorrow.   

Support for sustainable projects

Despite optimization, we produce CO2. To do our part to offset this footprint, we supported three Gold Standard certified climate projects this year.

You can find more information in our service tool


11. March 2022

Dear customers, We have all been working in this industry for a long time and, after the massive impact of the pandemic, we certainly did not expect to be hit hard again a short time later. Global logistics has once again come under extreme pressure.

Every day we receive information from airlines and shipping companies about capacity cuts, surcharge increases or from transport companies that are forced to increase their tariffs due to skyrocketing fuel prices.

Our aim is always to offer you the best transport option within the shortest possible time and to respond as quickly as possible.

This is currently more difficult than ever, as almost every shipment has to be requested, standard agreements have been suspended and the response times of airlines and shipping companies are currently much slower than usual.

We will continue to stick to our claim "short response time"! We ask for your understanding if it takes a little more time due to the current situation.

In the hope of a speedy improvement / return to normality

Are impacts to be expected for rail shipments on the 'New Silk Road'?

02. March 2022

UZ calls for railways to stop traffic with Russia

DVZ report (German traffic newspaper) from 28.02.2022The Ukrainian state railway UZ (Ukrzaliznycya) has appealed to all European and Asian countries to stop cooperation of railway administrations with the Russian Federation. A letter to this effect was sent to the administrations of all railways that have traffic with Russia. (wkz/cm)